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Immerse yourself in the language

Intensive language immersion is extremely beneficial to the learning process. Formal instruction ensures speed and accuracy. What you learn formally can be used immediately outside of class. As your trained teacher I will give you specific feedback.


Dialect and Standard German

Although in Switzerland we speak Schwiitzerdütsch  in many situations, especially informal ones, Standard German has a firm place in administration, the media, schools and at formal events. It is also always used in contact with foreign speakers. It thus makes sense to learn Standard German first.

Sharing everyday life

Your learning process will be imbedded in the diverse facets of daily life in the village—and expose you to the language needed to deal with them: preparing meals, a chat with a neighbor, working in the garden, a quick visit from friends, or just enjoying a relaxing break.


Getting to know culture, nature and people

For successful integration into a new host country, it is no less important to understand its cultural characteristics than it is to learn the language. In Upper Valais, many old traditions have been preserved: religious festivals, sheep and goat farming in the region or cultivation of saffron in Mund - to name just a few examples. On the other hand, time does not stand still here, either.

2014-05-17 Geissen 3.JPG

Excursions in the surroundings

To allow you to quickly feel at home in your new host country, I will show you some of the numerous highlights of this region. We will visit nearby Brig or hike along the historic water canals “Stigwasser” and “Wyssa”. The former is still being used for irrigation of private gardens or medows. On the weekends, we may undertake a longer excursion to see the Matterhorn, the Great Aletsch Glacier, the historic centers of Domodossola or Sion depending on your preferences. 

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