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Valais Immersion welcomes you

A different way to learn: individual, active and intensive.

Experience linguistic and cultural immersion in your host country. Spend 1 - 12 days in Mund, a traditional alpine village above Brig/Visp, in the magnificent Unesco World Heritage area Jungfrau - Aletsch. Acquire an introduction to the German language or extend and sharpen your existing language skills under the guidance of an experienced language teacher. Use your German during meals and other activities with your teacher. Get to know the language and daily life of Switzerland first hand.

Immerse yourself in the language

The easiest way to learn a foreign language is in the country where it is spoken, when you are exposed to it around the clock and when you use it: during coffee break, when you go shopping or hiking

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Face-to-face teaching and self-studies

What you learn in the lessons is individually reinforced through  extra material for self-study and online exercises. You work at your own pace on the knowledge and skills you want to improve. 

Learn while staying with your teacher

Intensive language immersion is especially effective when you study and stay with your teacher. You can immediately apply what you have learned in the lessons and receive professional feedback.

Anker Kontakt

Contact Ms Carolina Bütler to get an offer for a course tailored to your needs. 

Thank you!

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